An Eco Car and Van for every Occasion

When you’re travelling for business, hiring a car is usually the second step you take after booking your flights. Hiring a car gives you the independence to drive to all of your meetings, as well as explore some of the city if you have some spare time. Whether you’re away from home for business for one day or a couple of months, you can hire a car suited to your budget from Eco Car and Van Hire in Port Elizabeth, George, Durban, Cape Town, Mthatha and East London.

It’s not only the business travellers who benefit from car hire though; an abundance of holiday-makers, local and international, rely on this service as soon as they step foot in the airport of a new city or country they’re travelling to. Not only will it get them around on their own time, but with Eco Car and Van Hire, they’re able to take a road trip to another South African city with their hired car.

Our quality and high standard passenger and commercial vehicles are meticulously maintained and we tailor our services to meet our customers’ individual budget requirements. Take a more in-depth look at what we have to offer with our passenger and commercial fleets.

Eco Car and Van Hire’s Passenger Fleet

Our passenger fleet consists of a wide range of both budget and luxury cars – all in top condition to ensure you a comfortable, safe and affordable drive.

If you need a car to drive around the city with when you’re on holiday, or to get you from meeting A to meeting B if you’re on a busy business schedule, then our Polo Vivo Hatch from just R359 per day is an excellent choice! With features such as power steering, airbags and an air-con, you’ll be driving around in comfort and peace of mind when it comes to your safety.

Looking for a really easy car to drive when you and your family or friends are going on a long road trip? Driving an automatic car will prove to make your road trip so much easier! You can hire a Toyota Corolla Auto from just R595 per day from Eco Car and Van Hire.

Another car in our passenger fleet is the Toyota Quantum 10 – this car is ideal for if you’re need to transport many staff members to a conference, or fit your large family in a car (with their luggage) for your next holiday. Equipped with central locking, power steering and air bags, this is a popular choice amongst many of our travelling customers.

Eco Car and Van Hire’s Commercial Fleet

Our commercial fleet consists of a variety of vans and bakkies, including half tons, one tons, single cabs, double cabs and vans – ensuring that you can hire your commercial vehicle from us to transport your goods efficiently; whether for business or pleasure.

Need to hit the beach and go surfing on your next holiday? Eco Car and Van Hire’s Chevrolet Utility will fit your surfboard in and get you to the beach in comfort. From R349 per day, you’ll get to enjoy the ease of power steering and the safety of airbags.

If you’re looking for something a bit bigger, our Toyota Hilux 1 ton LDV 4x4 Single Cab is available to our customers for just R895 per day. Besides the appealing exterior of the car, it also has other eye-catching features such as an air-con and power steering.

We also cater for those who need to transport goods and get far while saving on fuel. The Toyota Pannel Van uses diesel, which gets you further per kilometre than petrol; and it also has sufficient space at the back to transport a large quantity of products if you need to use it for that.

So, there you have a more in-depth look at what Eco Car and Van Hire has to offer when it comes to our passenger and commercial fleets. If you have any queries or would like to make a booking, please contact us so that we can find a car hire solution that suits your needs and your budget.