Hiring Extras with Eco Car and Van Hire

Eco Car and Van Hire will always go the extra mile.

At Eco Car and Van Hire, we don’t just rent out high standard vehicles to our customers, we also strive to go the extra mile by offering them an array of extras that will make their drive comfortable, convenient and easier.

We make it our aim to go out of our way to make hiring a car quick, easy and affordable for all of our national and international travellers and business travellers; which is why, besides our top quality work ethic and vehicles for hire, we also have 6 branches conveniently situated in 6 cities around South Africa. Not to mention, booking with us is simple as it can be all done online.

Take a look at the extra features you can add onto your car and van hire with us and how it will benefit your driving experience.


Whether you’re in a different city for business or holiday, finding your way around may sometimes be a daunting experience. Not only could it add unnecessary stress to your holiday, but it could also make you run late for those important meetings!

Luckily for you, when hiring a car from Eco Car and Van Hire, you can choose to add a reliable GPS to your booking form for just R45 a day – meaning that not only will you be driving in comfort in one of our high quality cars, but you will also not have to worry about being on unfamiliar roads.

Baby car seat

There’s nothing like being able to have some peace of mind when travelling with your little ones in the car – especially when you’re in a city you don’t know well or if you’re going on a long road trip. At Eco Car and Van Hire, select the baby car seat option for only R150 per rental on your online booking form when booking a car or van with us. Our baby car seats are of high standards and top brands, so you can rest assured that your baby will also have a comfortable and secure drive to your destination.

Tow bars

Travelling for commercial purposes and need a tow bar fitted to your hired van from Eco Car and Van Hire? Or are you going on a big family holiday and looking at towing a trailer with all of your luggage in?

We offer the option for you to request a tow bar when hiring a car from us – and we will even fit it for you too!

Tyre and windscreen waiver

When hiring a car to drive long distances (or even just around the city you’re travelling in), the last thing you want to have to do is worry about potential damage to the tyres or windscreen – especially when it’s something that’s out of your control. Driving into one of the many potholes along South Africa’s roads could cause damage to the tyres; and if you’re out on the open roads, a small pebble could cause a chip in the windscreen.

Have peace of mind and choose to include the windscreen and tyre waivers when hiring a car from us! We offer our Windscreen Waiver at only R39 per day and our Tyre Waiver is only R26 per day.

Delivery of Vehicles

At Eco Car and Van Hire, it is our aim to provide affordable, high standard cars to our customers and to make their driving experience as convenient and comfortable as possible for them.

For this reason, we, upon request, offer a service to deliver vehicles to our private customers who are short on time and are unable to collect their vehicle from one of our 6 branches.

As you can see, we strive to go the extra mile for our customers by offering them an array of extras and add-ons when hiring a car or van from us. Take a look at our range of passenger and commercial cars and book online with us today!